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If You Lose or Quit Your Job during Pregnancy

It is quite common to lose or quit your job during pregnancy. Since pregnancy is somewhat a delicate condition, itís necessary to take precautions. In some cases, this means it is necessary to stop doing strenuous or stressful activities. In other cases, pregnancy brings about several physical changes which can contribute to a femaleís lack of capacity to do the things she could do before. For instance, walking from one distance to another, staying up late at work or multitasking may not be easy during pregnancy. Pregnancy has certain physical limitations which can cost a personís job. In either case, it will certainly be a tough road ahead. Pregnancy is a costly and demanding period. In the event of unemployment, it helps to know how to cope.

Getting Financial Support

Unless the expectant mother is wealthy enough, itís impossible to be able to settle the costs of pregnancy without a job. The medical charge for doctor consultation along with the prenatal care and hospitalization fees are extremely high. Aside from depending on spouses and familial resources, one way to get support is through the government. The government has several support programs aimed at helping households with low incomes or without any income at all. The requirements and qualifications for each program are different. The location and state also affect the eligibility requirements for each program.

Women, Infants and Children: WIC Program

The WIC is a program under the federal government. It is granted in many different states and provides the necessary aid for both women and children. Aside from financial assistance, this type of support program aims to promote proper nutrition and healthcare to children, women and expectant mothers. In order to be eligible for the WIC program the candidate should only have an income lower or within the range set by the state. The WIC program also gives out grocery coupons as aid and conducts several seminars/trainings on nutrition and healthcare.

HUD Rental Assistance

Although the program is centered on addressing different housing payment problems, it can significantly help pregnant women with expenses. Especially for those who are still paying for the place they live in, HUD is a great help. Under this program, there are three general types of aid given to eligible and approved candidates: subsidized privately owned housing, public housing, housing voucher program. The main premises of these aides are to help the candidate find a good house and provide subsidy for rental payment.


One of the most costly aspects of pregnancy is prenatal care. Medicaid is another program under the federal government seeking to provide a heath insurance coverage for qualified candidates. Medicaid helps settle payments for checkups and other health consultations. Contact your nearest office to discover if you are eligible for this coverage.

Other Programs

States also offer monetary benefits for unemployed individuals. The case for the eligibility depends on the grounds of unemployment. In any case, itís best to apply for all these programs to help alleviate expenses. Unemployment is a difficult factor to deal with, especially during pregnancy; by receiving assistance from various organizations Ė it is still possible to have a stress free pregnancy.