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Pregnancy Insurance Pre Existing

For a woman to get pregnant without pregnancy insurance, the going can get really tough in terms of the financial liabilities that may crop up. We all know that the hospital fees are high which can further escalate if a complication arises. The first question that comes into mind once this news comes out in the open is so as to how the requirements are going to be met. In terms of insurance, it would come under the pre existing pregnancy clause and no insurance agency would sell such a cover.

Reasons for Decline by the Agencies

The reason why the health insurance agencies would decline such a cover is not very complicated. Because the woman is already pregnant, she would have to deliver within a period of a year. They see a guaranteed claim in providing pregnancy insurance in case of pre existing conditions which is in itself is not a wrong assumption. Viewing these factors, it would not be profitable for them to award such a policy. If a complication does arise, the expenses would further undermine their interests. Calling tens of companies is going to be futile because as a policy, they do not entertain such applicants.

A Primary Step

The first and foremost step should be to contact the health department of the state. There are always chances for a woman who comes under the pre existing clause to get suitable cover. This pregnancy insurance however, is mostly reserved for those who are or fall below the poverty line. For those who are financially well off, the chances are very dim and close to none, however there is no harm trying.

Alternate Option

The second option would be to buy a group health insurance plan and get pregnancy coverage under it (works for those who are self employed). It would be best to contact a local agent who would be in a better position to explain the terms and conditions. A waiting period may be applicable but once this is complete, the policy would be able to cover most expenses. This route can be fairly complicated but effective. Once the pregnant woman has been put on the payroll, striking her name off after the claim is considered to be illegal and can lead to penalties.

There can be nothing better than getting a pre existing pregnancy coverage from the state authorities, however, if it is the second mode that is taken i.e. including her name in a group insurance policy, it would be advisable to surrender any individual health insurance policy bought under her name. This is because having two forms of the same type of insurance would mean redundancy and added costs. Question the agency about any extra charges that would have to be paid if a need to re enroll arises in the future. However, remember that after the pregnancy, any new cover would consider it to be a pre existing clause and not grant any cover against it.