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Pregnancy Insurance for Low Income

There are many joys associated with the birth of a baby. The initial excitement is intense but it does not last long as it is soon followed by a sense of worry. Financially, the burden can increase to a significant amount, so much so that for a low income household, the going can get really tough. From the 6th month of pregnancy, the woman is required to take precautions and eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Adding to this are the pre-natal, post-natal and delivery expenses which can all amount to a very large amount. Sighting these facts, it is very important to get pregnancy insurance.

Difficult to Procure a Policy

As a person belonging to the low income group, getting pregnancy insurance from the insurance agencies can be a very difficult task. Fortunately, all is not lost as this is not the only means to get financial security. Many people without this knowledge end up paying the bills on their own which can very well lead to financial disaster. While the private agencies go all out in an effort to keep pregnancy as a pre existing condition, it is the state and the central government that have come to the rescue of those in need.


Founded in 1965, Medicaid is a leading government funded program which aims to support low income families in regards to the various types of healthcare. One such type of support is for pregnant women. There are certain eligibility requirements which need to be adhered to, however if your application is successful, a large amount of costs directly related to the pregnancy process will be taken care of. Contact your local Medicaid office to find out if you are eligible.


WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is a program that aims to help single mothers in a number of aspects related to pregnancy. Advice is readily available in regards to the maternity process and this also includes information in regards to obtaining cheap pregnancy insurance. One advantage which should be taken into consideration is that they can provide food coupons for quite a while after the pregnancy. In this respect, single mothers shouldn’t have to worry about going without food.


Ameriplan has been around for almost a century and while they aren’t insurers themselves, they can offer pregnancy insurance plans at substantially discounted prices. They can also assist in helping pregnant women to attain cheaper prescription drugs, however it is worth noting that they only serve 44 states; as a result it is necessary to check if your state is eligible to receive adequate assistance.

Large expenses during pregnancy should not be a reason for people of low income groups to not fulfill their dreams of having a child. There are many options available and all that is required is to do a little research. The most important aspect to consider is that it is more beneficial to look for pregnancy insurance prior to becoming pregnant.