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Pregnancy and Childbirth Insurance

Giving birth is a very costly business and if complications arise during pregnancy, these costs will become unaffordable. Giving birth to the baby at home or at a birth center is one way to reduce pregnancy costs though even then, buying pregnancy and childbirth insurance is required. In order to get maximum benefits from pregnancy and childbirth insurance policies, it is important to not only buy the insurance as early as possible (ideally, before becoming pregnant) but, to also purchase the most comprehensive plan. This is best achieved by evaluating each option till one that is ideal presents itself.

Common Mistakes

Changing jobs during pregnancy is a common mistake made by most pregnant mothers. Another mistake made by them is to change their pregnancy and childbirth insurance plans midway during the pregnancy. This can often lead to policies becoming more expensive and more difficult to acquire. Remember to check your existing policy to understand what you are covered for as different states require different kinds of insurance coverage for pregnancy and childbirth. A few states require having healthcare plans that cover for cost of prenatal care while others won´t have these requirements.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act may not treat changing insurance during a pregnancy as a good option. This is because when switching insurance from one group to another, HIPAA may not treat pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and so will refuse to offer any coverage.

Buying Government Insurance

Medicaid is the right insurance option for mothers whose income is exactly or below $21,000 per annum. However, some states also provide Medicaid to pregnant mothers whose income is as high as 29,000 dollars so it pays to enquire with your local Medicaid office.

The WIC or Women, Infants and Children program is another option that is worth checking out. This program provides counseling and also tries to educate pregnant mothers about proper nutrition. In addition, it also offers access to healthcare services – provided the pregnant mother’s income is low enough for her to qualify.

More Insurance Options

A pregnant mother’s partner may be insured by a plan that has coverage for pregnancy. This is something that should be considered as both parties are responsible for the welfare of themselves and the baby during and after the pregnancy process. Checking with a state insurance department about how best to obtain pregnancy and childbirth insurance coverage is another option that people looking for low cost insurance will do well to check out.

Private Insurance

In regard to purchasing pregnancy and childbirth insurance from private insurers, it is worth keeping in mind that private insurers are mainly interested in earning profits. This means that they will try and minimize their costs and maximize their profits. Given the fact that current pregnancy related medical costs are very high, few private insurers actually offer affordable insurance plans. So, private insurance is only for those pregnant mothers who earn a high income.

The best way to reduce costs of pregnancy and childbirth insurance is by allowing labor to start without getting aid; this helps in eliminating expensive induction which in turn will translate into obtaining cheaper insurance. Foregoing the use of pain medications can also help in lowering insurance costs though this may not be the most favorable decision when the time comes to give birth.