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Single moms usually have a limited budget. The problem is that single moms only usually have one source of income regardless of their job or whatever they do for a living. The good thing is that there are now institutions and organizations offering financial help. The Woman, Infants and Children program otherwise referred to as the WIC is a good help for all moms struggling to make ends meet.

Eligibility for WIC

Single mothers who have children aged five and below as well as breastfeeding moms are considered eligible for the WIC program. Only single mothers with very limited income will be granted assistance. Fortunately, the limit of income or criteria for limited income for WIC is comparatively higher than other government programs. WIC considers a higher income bracket as compared to Medicaid. The proportion of the income to the number of household members is also computed. This means that the income guidelines denote that a mother with three children and another with two kids can both qualify based on the income distribution.

WIC Program

Qualified individuals under the WIC program are given coupons which can be used to buy food items. Usually, these coupons cover grocery items such as eggs, cheese, milk, vegetables, fish items and other fortified foods. The main objective of the program is to create nutritional awareness particularly for households with very young children. The idea is that when children eat nutritional foods at an early age, they will develop a healthy lifestyle. The coupon also comes with a supplemental nutritional lecture for all WIC grantees. In order to qualify for the regular coupons, it is important that grantees attend the nutritional educational programs under WIC. For breastfeeding moms, the program offers the necessary support. There are cases wherein WIC helps breastfeeding moms to breast pump while being part of the program.

State Program

WIC is primarily a program under the federal government. It is provided in many different states under the supervision of the federal government. While WIC has a general type of implementation all throughout the country, some aspects of it may be different from one state to another. In the year 2009, the federal government has decided to add more food selections claimable with the WIC coupon. Today, single mothers have more options in terms of grocery items and the kinds of meal they can prepare their children. Fruits, soy milk, wholegrain grain breads and other vegetables and fishes were added to the claimable items. Although, there is a general increase in the kind of food items included in the claimable list, each state still has a different selection from another.

However, while WIC may be extremely helpful, it is not a program that single moms can depend on indefinitely. A single mother may no longer be eligible under the WIC program once her youngest child is already older than the age bracket set. Vouchers will no longer be available once the child reaches the age over the limit. Even so, the WIC program has been a great help for many single moms in the country; particularly for those who are having a hard time with the recent price hikes.